Lifebelt of ship "Venus. Bergen." People dressed warmly on deck. Woman enters her cabin. Mahogany wood. She takes a dress from wardrobe, sits at dressing-table and takes off earring. Captain on bridge. Hand turns a dial on a box - this is to adjust the stabilizers. People on deck-chairs. Deck quoits. Shuffleboard. Lift to lounge where couple emerge and order from steward. Norwegian cold table for luncheon, meats and self-service - a smorgasbord. Chef helps serve women. Barman gives drinks to waiter. Ship's orchestra and dancing. Dinner suits. Madeira, Portugal, in sight. Bridge - steering. Land seen through masts and ropes. People crowd to side of ship. Bay of Funchal. Sea-borne merchants - locals sell goods from moving boats. Boy dives for silver coins and shows them to camera. Ship at anchor. Disembarkation by launch. Luggage goes by barge. Taxi. Getting out of taxi at hotel. Unloading suitcases from boot. Atlantic Hotel terrace. Miramar Hotel. Deckchairs on the lawn. Savoy Hotel. Flower girls sells lilies, camellias. Waiter serves people at outdoor table. Savoy's swimming-pool. Tennis court. Reeds Hotel. Waiter brings drink to lady on balcony. People walk in gardens. Water-skiing. People on beach. Swimming-costumes. Bikini. Man water-skis and woman water-skis on large board. Wearing straw hats on beach. Panorama of funchal Bay. The Governor's Palace. Statue of Zarco the discoverer. Statue of Henry the Navigator. Streets. English church. Anglican Church. Couple enter. Prazo do muncipio square. Single-decker bus. Girls walk with flowers on heads. Shopkeeper shows crafts to women. English Country Club. Banana plantation. Oranges, lemons, prickly pears growing. Stalls in market. Tourists